Hazpak trains in Mozambique!

Hazpak is passionate about training. And we love to travel!

As such we were invited last month to train the team at CISM (The Manhiça Health Research Centre ‘Centro de Investigação em Saúde de Manhiça’) on “Infectious Substances”.

The “Infectious Substances Course” is a Cat 6.2 and was developed to provide shippers, operators, packers and freight forwarders with concise and readily accessible information with guidance on the correct package and paperwork completion required when transporting infectious substances by air.

Our CAA (Civil Aviation Accredited Facilitator), Mr Jacques Vermeulen, was the lucky colleague to travel to Mozambique and was made very welcome by the CISM team.

As you will see in the pics, however hard we all worked in the two days we were there, there was still time for some amazing food and even a little bit of sight-seeing.

Currently Hazpak does training beyond our borders, namely Namibia, Angola and Mozambique.

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