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Vermiculite is free flowing, soft, sterile and absorbent. Vermiculite has been used in various industries for over 80 years. It is used in the construction, agricultural, horticultural, and industrial markets.

Hazpak is one of the largest vermiculite suppliers in Durban. A large quantity of stock is always available and we can deliver on request. Hazpak sells vermiculite in 8kg nylon bags. Vermiculite is medium grade and has the following uses:

Agricultural Construction Horticultural Industrial
Animal feed Acoustic finishes Blocking mixes Absorbent packing
Anti-caking material Air setting binder Hydroponics Brake pads & brake shoes
Bulking agent Board Micro-propagation Castables
Fertilizer Fire protection (internal/external) Potting mixes Dispersions
Pesticide Floor & roof screeds Rooting cuttings Drilling muds
Seed encapsulant Gypsum plaster Seed germination Filtration
Soil conditioner Loft insulation Seedling wedge mix Fireproof safes
  Sound deadening compounds Sowing composts Fixation of hazardous material
    Twin scaling bulbs Furnaces
      Insulation blocks & shapes
      Insulation - high & low temperature
      Molten metal insulation
      Moulded products
      Nuclear waste disposal
      Perfume absorbent
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